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"升级" 1-5052 产品与服务


Absolute Specular Reflectance Accessory

According to "Strong" for sample position, for measurements of absolute specular reflectance of filters, glasses and mirrors. 7.5° of light incidence.

Options Board/BCD Output Board

Required for installation of the following options on an entry-level thermal desorber - Internal Standard Addition, On-line Sampling, or Liquid Nitrogen Cooling. Also provides output of BCD information regarding tube position numbers and provides relay output for timed control of external devices.

Hydride ICP Generation System MP2 6

Hydride ICP Generation System, including MP2 6 channel precision micro pump and gas-liquid separator.

Left-Hand Side External Beam Upgrade Kit for PerkinElmer Spectrum One FT-IR

PerkinElmer Spectrum One systems without an external beam merging from the left-hand side of the instrument can be upgraded with this kit. Requires, but does not include, PerkinElmer service installation.

Optical Breadboard Base Plate, Sample compartment

Optional replacement for standard sample floor of LAMBDA 650//750/850/950/1050. Manufactured from stainless steel to help prevent corrosion and to allow the use of magnetic components. Supplied with industry standard hole patterns and thread sizes (1/4-20 tread size on 1” centers). Allows the use of almost unlimited array of holders, mounts or stages from a variety of vendors.

UPS Battery Pack for the Spectrum Two

Battery Pack Portable/UPS. Included 12V car adapter, *required country power cord.

Small-Spot Directional IV Absolute Reflectance Accessory

The small-spot directional IV accessory is a modified version that has optics which are specially configured to measure small samples. Using this accessory, samples as small as 3 mm in height and 1 mm in width can be measured.

Absolute Directional VW Specular Reflectance Accessory

A Unique Accessory The VW directional reflectance accessory is the only commercially available accessory that can perform absolute reflectance measurements at oblique as well as near-normal incidence at an accuracy level comparable with that of National Metrology laboratories. This tool, when combined with the Lambda 800 UV/Visor the Lambda 900 UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer, provides superior data quality with sampling flexibility.

Portability Pack for the Spectrum Two

To allow for full portability for the Spectrum Two the portability pack is available. ? Contains battery pack, car adapter, Spectrum Two carry case, and wireless router kit.

WB 1-mm MCT Mid-IR Detector Upgrade Kit

Spectrum One Systems can be upgraded to a liquid nitrogen-cooled mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) detector for high sensitivity measurements of the mid-infrared region (7,800-450 cm-1). Includes MCT Detector, MCT pre-amp, additional optics, and hardware. Note: for instruments with serial number 53300 or lower, an MCT casting conversion kit (L1200220) is also required and must be ordered separately.

Absolute Fixed-angle Reflectance Accessory, VN 45 Degree for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900 Spectrometer

Absolute reflectance measurements directly measure the reflectance of the sample without the need for a reference sample. However, to verify that the accessory is properly aligned and the system is providing accurate data, periodic checking with calibrated mirror is recommended. Absolute reflectance measurements require an accessory in which the optical path is identical except for the presence or absence of the sample. The V-N optical configuration is a convenient way of achieving this. The V-N accessories are used in combination with an integrating sphere detector, and depolarization is required for angles greater than 15 degrees. Typical applications include front and back-surface reflectance, and anti-reflection coatings.

Spare Silicon Crystal with Holder For ATR Objective.

We offer spare silicon crystals for use with the MultiScope, I-Series, or AutoIMAGE System microscope ATR Objective.
Model 5X Beam Condenser, including transfer optics and Microsample Disk Holder

Model 5X Beam Condenser, including transfer optics and Microsample Disk Holder

The optical design of the Model 5X Beam Condenser provides optimum light-gathering power and ease of use when working with microsamples. A beam condenser is required for microsamples such as KBr microdisks, paint flakes, small spots on polymer films, and even single fibres when an optional fibre holder is used.

Mid-IR Polarizer Kit, KRS-5

Polarized radiation is used to study orientation effects single crystals, polymers, and other large molecules.

Integrating Sphere for PerkinElmer Lambda 10/20/40/12/14

Spectral on? coated, wavelength range 250 to 1100nm, for scattered transmittance and diffuse reflectance measurement.


This kit upgrades Spotlight Systems without ATR Objectives to include Micro ATR functionality.?

Small Spot Accessory Kit for 150mm Integrating Sphere (P/N PELA1000) for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900 Spectrometer

Lens kit for reducing beam size to the transmittance, to the center mount, and to the diffuse reflectance position.

Spare Germanium Crystal with Holder For ATR Objective.

We offer spare germanium crystals for use with the i-Series or AutoIMAGE System microscope ATR Objective.

"升级" 1-5052 产品与服务

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