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二元彩票网 检测机械故障根源的热膨胀和玻璃化转变。我们的热机械分析(TMA)系统的坚固耐用且易于使用的设计既可以使用电子元件,又可以使用独特设计的阿基米德悬浮系统来控制探头,从而精确测定热膨胀系数(CTEs)和转变系数。

  • 测量热膨胀系数的业内最佳性能
  • 测量材料的热膨胀以及软化点和玻璃化转变
  • 确定分层点
  • 测量膨胀,压缩,弯曲,伸展和体积(膨胀测量)

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"热机械分析 (TMA)" 1-4040 产品与服务


TMA 4000 实验室系统, 100-230V

PerkinElmer公司的TMA 4000是一款设计简洁、使用方便、稳固耐用的热机械分析仪,非常适合于精确测量微型元器件/材料的膨胀系数(CTE)等应用领域。

Quartz Sample Stage for Diamond TMA Standard Furnace

Set of 5, diameter 12mm, for Expansion Quartz and Compression Quartz Measuring System

Standard Sample Pan Crimper Press

Used to crimp covers on standard DSC pans of aluminum, gold and copper. Design incorporates a replaceable crimper head.

Quartz Expansion Probe for Diamond TMA Standard Furnace

Useful consumables and accessories you may need to operate your TMA.

Tygon Tubing, Clear

0.95 cm (.374 in.) i.d. x 1.27 cm (0.5 in.) o.d. per foot. For aqueous solutions only.

High Pressure Capsule Sealing Tool

This reliable sealing tool is fast and precise. It employs a built-in torque clutch which guarantees that all capsules are closed with the same torque.

Volatile Sealer Assembly

For use with volatile, viscous,noncorrosive samples.

Alumina Sample Stage for Diamond TMA high temp. Furnace

Set of 5, diameter 15mm, for Expansion Alumina Measuring System

Extension Analysis Kit

Includes sample tube and probe extension clamps, sample load fixture and autozero standard. Allows distortion studies of drawn, spun and cast fibers and films.

Thermal Analysis Gas Station for all Thermal Analyzers (controls up to four purge gases). For use with Pyris Series or 7 Series/UNIX software.

Thermal Analysis Gas StationUse the Thermal Analysis Gas Station (TAGS), a gas selector accessory with all thermal analyzers. The TAGS is a very flexible accessory featuring full control of all gases used in thermal analysis. In addition to performing gas switching, the TAGS also fully controls the gas flow rate, independent of the type of gas, and detects rapid changes in pressure and empty cylinders.

Class 1.1 Calibrating Weight, 100 mg.

Class 1.1 Calibrating Weight (per ASTM E617,100 mg)

Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit

This kit includes Quick Press (P/N 09908467), Quick Press Spacer Die (P/N 03191047), 1 Pair Guard Ring Inserts (P/N 03190236), and 20 Pans, Covers and O-Rings (P/N 03190218).

Standard Stirrup Kit

Includes two matched stirrups.

Manual Crimper

This sealer is capable of sealing both crimped pans and hermetic sealed pans . The die that is supplied can seal both of these, one side for crimped, the other for hermetic. Includes Hermetic Die N5356032 Stage N5356035 and Extruding Rod N5356033

TMA 7 Flexure Analysis Kit

Includes flexure analysis probe and 5mm platform. Permits deformation studies of films.

TMA Compression Probe, 1.5 mm Radius Spherical Tip

PerkinElmer's quartz probes are manufactured to extremely high tolerances to ensure the most accurate analysis data from your instrument.

Quick Press

Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).

Split Ferrule

Included in DMA 7/DMA 7e Large Adjustable 3-Point/4-Point Bending Kit (P/N N5390478)

Quick Press Spacer Die

Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).

Non-Magnetic, Hooked Forceps

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Non-Magnetic, Hooked

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Forceps

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Non-Magnetic, Hooked

Pyris - Instrument Managing Software, Version 11

Your PerkinElmer thermal analysis instruments and data come to life on the Pyris? software platform - the benchmark in high-sensitivity thermal analysis. Pyris is the preferred choice in thermal analysis because it is intuitive and user-friendly, and provides a wide-range of standard features and capabilities for maximum flexibility.

"热机械分析 (TMA)" 1-4040 产品与服务

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