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Whether High Throughput or High Content, Screening is an essential part of the drug discovery process.? Advanced technologies available for screening compounds and studying cell images to identify a target’s potential safety and efficacy create a tremendous volume of data.? PerkinElmer’s comprehensive set of screening solutions from image data storage to analysis- available for both on-premises and cloud based applications- are designed to foster collaboration, increase efficiencies, and enable faster processing of even-larger volumes of compounds.

Screening Products

Signals Screening

Intuitive, configurable and flexible screening workflow processor coupled with the unparalleled data visualization and analysis capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire?. Once a screening protocol is set up, raw data from the instruments can be imported directly and processed in a consistent manner.

  • Import raw or processed data from most of the widely performed assay platforms — plate reader, high content reader, surface plasmon resonance, and more.
  • The innovative apps concept allows scientists to create a screening workflow without the reliance on software developers.
  • One Software package for multiple instruments and assay types - saves time and increases data accuracy.

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Instrument agnostic platform for high content image data storage and intuitive, powerful image analysis.

  • Direct integration with Harmony and high content imagers: Opera PhenixTM, Operetta CLSTM.
  • Quickly analyze cellular images for simple and complex phenotypes with flexible building blocks – no scripting required.
  • Collect upwards of 100s of parameters for subsequent multiparametric data analysis and machine learning in High Content Profiler.

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Columbus? Plus

All of the benefits of Columbus, but with the additional power of high performance cluster computing for scalable storage and real-time image analysis.

  • Reduce image analysis time by 90% and thus overall project time to completion.
  • Increase screening capacity and re-analysis for different end points.
  • Available on premise to leverage existing internal data centers or as a hosted service on the PerkinElmer Cloud.

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High Content Profiler?

Powerful multivariate data analysis and machine learning for high content data analysis and validation in a single easy-to-use platform built on TIBCO Spotfire.

  • Automated, guided workflow from data exploration and QC through hit identification
  • Dimensionality reduction, advanced statistics and machine learning with on-the-fly image rendering for instant validation
  • Integration with ColumbusTM Platform for high content image analysis

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