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Electronic Lab Notebooks facilitate the Make-Test-Decide workflow common to virtually all scientific disciplines. ELNs provide the central framework for record keeping, collaboration, and the data for insights from integrated tools, including Signals? Lead Discovery, Signals Screening and TIBCO Spotfire?.

Notebook Products

Signals Notebook

The intuitive, searchable, scalable and secure electronic lab notebook designed to increase productivity, enhance collaboration and reduce risk.

  • Cloud native ELN delivering the rapid setup, scalability and speed expected from modern cloud-based applications
  • Dedicated workflows for synthetic chemistry are supported by a new, web-based version of ChemDraw?, the world’s leading chemical structure sketcher
  • Scientists from any discipline benefit from the easy inclusion of virtually any type of data, the ability to share and collaborate, and retrieve data at unprecedented speed

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Our E-notebook accelerates time to discovery- from ideation through synthesis and testing of your drugs and products.

  • Robust and highly configurable to deliver workflow functionality for all scientific disciplines
  • Deployable on premise or hosted by PerkinElmer
  • Capture experimental procedures and results to define and protect intellectual property
  • Share insights organization-wide while providing the data control and security that IT departments demand

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