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Our team of experts enables your unique research so that you can concentrate on improving health, science and business outcomes.

Our Informatics Professional Services brings a wealth of in-depth industry experience across life sciences, spanning chemistry and biology R&D, clinical and manufacturing domains. Our unique set of scientific capabilities bridge a vast range of technologies, ideal for helping our customers solve their most demanding challenges.

The Informatics Services team of subject matter experts, developers, managers and educators sets your team up for success right from the start.

  • Broad domain expertise with extensive technical knowledge
  • Consultative and collaborative approach accelerating value through Agile delivery
  • Vital change management support and training for immersive adoption and enablement
  • Global “One-Team” approach leveraging the right resources at the right time

Your Partner in Success

Our delivery approach is focused on enabling targeted insights through a comprehensive range of Professional Service practice areas covering:

  • Implementation and Technology: Fit-for-purpose technology solutions throughout the project delivery cycle.
  • Governance: Programmatic delivery plan including Project & Program Management, Steering Committees and Change Management.
  • Subject Matter Consulting: Chemistry, biology, clinical and manufacturing expertise to achieve solutions that address even the most demanding use cases and scientific workflows.
  • Customer Education and Enablement: Enablement and adoption of solutions designed to support the entire organization with a broad range of learning formats.
  • Value Sustainment: Post-production support to ensure that the value of your PerkinElmer solutions increases over time. The result? An optimized solution specific to your organizational needs. Immediately gain greater value from your data to power the business outcomes that move your organization forward.

Services Delivering Targeted Insights

  • Implementation & Technology
  • Governance
  • Customer Education & Enablement
  • Subject Matter Consulting
  • Value Sustainment

Our Record of Success

We’ve implemented advanced data management and analytics solutions for some of the world’s leading life and physical science companies, and have driven solutions that:

  • Reduced under-performing clinical trial sites by 30%
  • Delivered a 6-week turnaround time for fully-functioning RBM solution
  • Earned an A+ rating by 200 researchers using customized analytics and data visualization platform
  • Reduced the number of resources involved in a critical pharmaceutical manufacturing process by 60%

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PerkinElmer ACoE

Analytics Center of Excellence

Standardizing on TIBCO Spotfire and ACoE services contract saves money and time, while improving business and science results.

Return on investment:

  • Economy of scale with a rich set of informatics services
  • Reduced administration effort for customer and service provider
  • “Just-in-time” project delivery
  • Productivity gains through efficient processing of large data sets
  • Dynamic visualizations that do not require programming resources
PerkinElmer Cloud Services - INFCLD

PerkinElmer Cloud

Our cloud services are designed to support customers with a variety of SaaS and PaaS applications and services that meet or exceed even the most demanding requirements for performance, security, and compliance.
  • Deploy new business solutions faster
  • Ensure regulatory governance and enhanced compliance without additional overhead
  • Deliver high security with reduced dependency on IT

"Informatics Professional Services" 1-22 产品与服务

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