application-focused explorer G3 integrated workstation
application-focused explorer G3 integrated workstation

Automated Robotic Solutions

Custom explorer? G3 integrated workstations provide innovative laboratory automation solutions which simplify your cellular screening and imaging, high-throughput screening, and genomics-based applications. With complete high-throughput multimode plate detection, high content analysis, and liquid handling portfolios, PerkinElmer is uniquely positioned to understand your scientific and application needs. You can count on us to provide solutions that address the full breadth of your scientific requirements, all from a single source who delivers the application support you need.

Automated Liquid Handling Consumables

PerkinElmer offers a portfolio of robotic certified tips that are specially engineered with the highest degree of uniformity thus providing accuracy in processing high density microplates for high throughput applications. To ensure that our tips meet the most exacting requirements for laboratory automation, each tip goes through a rigorous inspection process before it is certified lab ready.
JANUS G3 Standard MDT with Enclosure
JANUS G3 Standard MDT with Enclosure

Automated Sample Prep


JANUS? G3 Automation Workstations deliver real-time and future adaptability in throughput, capacity, and dynamic volume range from 0.5 μl to 5000 μl for consistent and reproducible sample preparation with a choice of pipetting heads, gripper options, and application accessories for complete, walk-away automation.


Application Specific Workstations

Application specific workstations address the workflow requirements of contemporary drug discovery and diagnostics research, including biotherapeutics, genomics and drugs of abuse detection.

Leverage our application-specific automated workstations to increase efficiency and throughput capability, while reducing variability and tedious manual pipetting steps from particular application workflows. Developed with a keen understanding of the underlying science – and improved upon by customer feedback – these platforms are supported by an applications team with extensive knowledge of these workflows.

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"自动化和液体处理仪器" 1-1212 产品与服务


JANUS G3 MDT自动化工作台

JANUS? G3 MDT自动化工作站在单一仪器平台上提供多种移液技术。此仪器由一个可扩展??槠教ㄒ约耙桓?6或384通道??槭椒忠杭际酰∕DT)移液头组成,并且提供在通量、微孔板容量、以及动态体积范围方面具有灵活性的自动化液体处理解决方案。
Sciclone G3 Liquid Handling Workstation

Customizable Sciclone? G3 LiquidHandling Workstations

The Sciclone G3 workstation is PerkinElmer's highly flexible automated liquid handling workstation for drug discovery.

JANUS G3 Varispan MDT自动化工作台

JANUS? G3自动化工作站在单一仪器平台上提供多种移液技术。此仪器由一个可扩展??槠教ㄗ槌?,并且将一个灵活的4道或8道多功能移液头与96或384通道??槭椒忠杭际酰∕DT)移液头联合,从而提供在通量、微孔板容量、以及动态体积范围方面具有灵活性的自动化液体处理解决方案。
Zephyr G3 NGS Workstation

Zephyr NGS Workstation

The Zephyr? G3 NGS Workstation is a benchtop liquid handler designed to automate preparation of libraries for next generation sequencing and address clinical requirements for the physical separation of pre-and post-PCR processes. The simplified user-interface and integrated hardware maximized laboratory productivity while reducing variability resulting from manual pipetting steps.

Sciclone G3 NGS Workstation

The Sciclone G3 platform, the NGS / NGSx Workstation is a complete benchtop solution for library prep, sequence capture, and normalization.
JANUS G3 Btx Pro-Plus

JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Plus工作站

JANUS? G3 Bio Tx Pro Plus为高通量工艺开发提供完全的“无人值守的”自动化,实现从珍贵的起始材料及有限资源中获取更多数据。
JANUS G3 Btx Pro-Plus

JANUS G3 Varispan自动化工作台

JANUS? G3自动化工作站在单一仪器平台上提供多种移液技术。此仪器由一个通过灵活的4道或8道多功能移液头?进行扩展的??槭狡教ㄗ槌?,并且提供在通量、微孔板容量、以及动态体积范围方面具有灵活性的自动化液体处理解决方案。

JANUS G3 NGS Express工作站

JANUS G3 NGS Express?工作站:适合台式测序仪的文库制备。NGS Express可进行多达24个文库的制备,并支持Life Technologies的Ion Torrent PGM?测序仪以及来自Illumina的MiSeq测序仪的应用。
JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Workstation

JANUS G3 BioTX Pro Workstation

性价比高的紧凑型JANUS? G3 BioTx Pro自动化工作平台可实现可重复性、节省时间的小规模蛋白提纯及样本制备, 适用于分析蛋白质表征,通过上游和下游工艺中的设计实验来支持质量。


  • 表达优化
  • 细胞株选择
  • 提纯工艺开发
  • 生物分析样本制备
Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation

Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation

The ideal solution for 96 well Solid Phase Extraction, the Zephyr G3? SPE Workstation is a simple and efficient, yet powerful tool for automating the critical steps required in SPE and is designed to specifically meet the needs of clinical research, forensic, and pharmaceutical/biotech laboratories.

PLATE HANDLER II 110 package

The plate::hander workstation is the newest addition to our portfolio of robotic automation workstations delivering the robust performance of cell::explorer but with a more efficient footprint. All plate::handler workstations can support the integration of up to four (4) devices, and offer plate::works? , our industry-leading scheduling software, to deliver greater control and management of your application workflows.

plate::works 6.0 JANUS scheduling

plate::works? automation control and scheduling software drives laboratory automation throughout the complete discovery process. This solution provides users with a single software interface for lab scheduling and concurrent lab automation applications, including both bench-top and large scale integrated workstations.

"自动化和液体处理仪器" 1-1212 产品与服务

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